Sunday, September 13, 2020

Double dip

Small swell similar to last weekend was forecast, but a little more west in both the N and S swells. The low tide was also very pre-dawn. I decided my best chance was to hit the new left at first light. This meant getting up at 3:30am, and walking the sand in the dark. The effort paid off and I got some waves. About an hour after I paddled our, JB joined me. He got a few as well, but the tide was killing it. The next part of my plan was to walk back and surf the other, mid-tide left. I hung on the beach waiting for JB and watching the rim. There were certainly waves to be ridden, but nothing that got me to paddle out. JB came in and we headed to the other left. It was good with the 3.5’ tide and small swell. I felt it was even better because it had all the size, a better wall, and was more consistent. JB thought it wasn’t as good because it’s a steeper drop and more shifty. Anyway, we got waves at both spots and had a good double dip session. 

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